Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saying goodbye to the women in the sewing project

Yesterday was my last day at Mayan Families, it was really emotive, specially with the women. I did not expect such a warm and emotional goodbye from them. These women are so special, and just some words and a hug was more than enough for me to keep in them in my heart. Some of them from San Jorge which I have been working with for several months, looking, measuring, and checking the quality of the fabrics, sometimes I felt I was a little bit hard on them, but it has helped to improve their work, and been able to make such beautiful bags. There were really thankful for all these months of work with them. Working with these ladies, has proven that women can also do a very good work and generate an income for their families, just looking at the energy they have everyday to become better and better, makes me feel so happy.

Another group that has graduated a few weeks ago, from Sololá, now involved in another bag project, where they have to make more than 1000 bags, and just received their new sewing machine, they were also really grateful for our time spent with them and all the support that Mayan Families has given them.
Just listening to each of them, was really charming, and I did not need more. I really thank Mayan Families for giving me the opportunity to help out in their Sewing Project and was able to make so many women happy.

I believe in these women, and I am pretty sure they will get far. Just seeing their energy for everything they do, and wanting to learn every day all sorts of different things, such as computer science, embroidery, knitting, women’s empowerment, among other activities and workshops that we have been organizing for them, and they have always participated, gives me the faith to believe in them.

You as sponsors have also made their dream come true, by sponsoring these women and donating sewing machines and other items for the project. We also believe that we will continue getting more support from everyone for this project, that helps women to believe in them selves, and get out, work, and help their families.

I believe in the project, and I think it will get far, with your support and Mayan Families staff that will be continuing with the project. 

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