Friday, February 15, 2013

Sanitary pads to help girls stay in school

No study for days, no income for days, no going out, no access to hygiene.. This happens every day to young women here in Guatemala. You can do something about that by donating some sanitary pads. Our goal is making sure that each of them can have their own washable, colorful, effective feminine solutions.

For Guatemalan girls it is too expensive for them to buy disposable products, or they may not even be available at all. This problem affects young girls in schools. There are thousands of women in need of these basic items that we consider necessity.
Some girls stay home from school when menstruating (missing a week of school every month) or drop out completely once they reach that age. If they cannot afford disposables (or there are none available) they have to use whatever they can find.
A single mother of three, a graduate of the Mayan Families Sewing Program, makes these environmentally friendly sanitary pads.

These cloth pads, are more cost effective than disposable products, as they can be reused for many years, safer for the women’s body and designed to make life more confortable.
Gladys helping her mom make the pads
This is a joint project between Mayan Families and Aldea Maya. Each package contains 4 pairs of underwear, 12 flannel outer liners and 14 flannel inner liners for the cost of $25.
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