Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The sewing project needs more sewing machines

Our recent graduates need sewing machines! These women are really glad that they have had the opportunity to participate in the sewing classes with Don Alberto and learned how to use a sewing machine, but now that they have completed the course they do not have a way to keep practicing because they are still waiting to receive their sewing machines. The women would love to keep making things, so they can start selling what they have learned and to improve their incomes. They can also use the machine to make their own clothes or mend clothes for others that also contributes to reduce their expenses.

Buying a Singer sewing machine with foot pedal is the best option, as many families cannot always afford to pay electricity bills, or they’re electricity gets cut off if they were not able to pay the bills.
Some sponsors choose to bring a sewing machine to donate to the sewing project when they are visiting with us.  A sewing machine is an asset to help a woman to achieve her goals of making an income.  To donate more than one sewing machine, please send us an e-mail at sewing@mayanfamilies.org.

New embroidery classes have started


This new embroidery class is part of Mayan Families courses included in FUNDAMAYA. Five women have started with the classes using these donated machines. They are really excited to learn this new technique with the computer and sewing machine, as it is very new for them. They are willing to continue learning every day, so they can overcome and become economically independent.

Don Alberto teaching the new students.