Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Knitting Classes

This month we have been teaching the women how to knit; with Jacky’s Jerabek wonderful volunteer help during her visit here in Guatemala, sharing her knitting skills with the women around the lake. Jacky has been here every morning during a week and a half working hard with the women from the Sewing Project.

Knitting in Guatemala is not very common, as the yarn is expensive and not easy to find. But thanks to a donation that we received a few months ago of knitting needles and yarn, we have been able to make this workshop go along and work with 10 women from the Sewing Project. The women where very enthusiastic in learning this new trade and to be able to use these donated knitting needles and yarn.
The idea is to teach them how to knit so they can make things for themselves or to sell, to provide them a small income for their families if they want. Of course, using Guatemalan fabric, that makes the product more original.
Jackie with one of the final works that Ana Cecilia gave her as a gift.

Teaching the different stitches.

Jackie and Ana Cecilia

Jackie's last day, with part of the group.
We have now another friend, Malini that is continuing the work with these women, every Tuesday and Thursday for a couple of weeks more, so they can continue practicing, learning, and making new items.

We are always happy to receive new volunteers, so they can also share their knitting skills to these women.