Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rosa Coj an example to follow

Rosa Coj

Rosa was a single mother whose child was born with hydrocephalus.  Rosa cared lovingly for the child until she died at the age of 2.  Rosa was grief stricken for a year but has decided to go back to school to help put her grief behind her and to improve her life.
Rosa wants to study to be a nurse or a bilingual secretary; she is now studying Bachelor in Science with medicine orientation.

In her free time she makes guipiles (traditional Mayan blouses), back strap weaving fabrics, beaded jewelry, among other products and activities. She works very hard, often staying up at night, so that she can get an income for her studies and to feed her family.

Fabric from Peña Blanca

She is now involved in a project with Mayan Families and Living on One, where she is making back strap weaving fabric from Peña Blanca. This piece of fabric is going to be part of a pocket on t-shirts, that are already selling very well. There has already been a big demand on these t-shirts, were all profits go to projects for Guatemala. We have already sent the first piece of fabric, that has been approved and already have a second order for her and other women in Peña Blanca.

This project will be giving the opportunity to generate an income for women from Peña Blanca, women that are so enthusiastic and has so much energy to learn and get on with life so they are able to help their families and their community.

You can get more info about the project following this link:

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