Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Women Empowerment Workshops

Women formed by the theater group Las Poderosas under the Convention Peacebuilding in Guatemala have emerged from their own short life stories.

Mayan Families Foundation was the ideal place to project four of eight short films from the CD "Returning the waves to the sea", a creative work from the life experiences of Mayan women and violence in their communities which now we can see the rewards from it.

Graduates from the Sewing Project, attended as part of their educational process that composes the program. Groups from Panajachel, Solola, Tierra Linda and San Jorge are those who have been participating in the program and many came with a clear objective, sensitized and the union of women to strengthen themselves.

About 30 women gathered around the patio of the Foundation with excitement and eager to share with their peers. For two hours there was laughter, tears and knowing glances.

Testimonials like "women should fight for space", "violence destroys our self-esteem and our dreams" and "the man wants the woman to remain in the house and in the kitchen, does not want us to go to training courses" repeated over and over, in order to seep inside each one of them.

The Foundation has several programs that work with women, this activity will continue to promote, to improve the situation of these women and their family.

Thanks to MPDL (Movimiento por la Paz, Desarme y Libertad), we have been able to make this workshop possible.

You can see the Spanish version of the note here: http://www.pazenguatemala.org/sensibilizan-violencia-mujeres-panajachel/

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