Friday, March 1, 2013

New sewing group

Mothers and/or sisters of your sponsored students have iniciated the eighth sewing course in Panajachel. Thanks to your sponsor these women are able to improve their lives by learning to use a sewing machine, learn a new skill, promote the habit of saving money, and train them with live skills. These mothers are really enthusiastic with learning new things every day. Through the use of a sewing machine these women are able to produce more items in less time, and have a higher quality products, wich increases their selling merchandise. 

Guadalupe, Lucia, Heidy, Josefina, Lucía García, Juaquina and Francisca are mothers or sisters of sponsored students that have now started the sewing classes.

Here some of the new students attending the sewing classes

Damaris and Estela, have also signed up to participate in the sewing course offered by Mayan Families, but still need a sponsor. Unfortunately we are not able to offer the sewing course for free as it includes a teacher, the space, and materials.  The women who sign up know are aware that they have to collaborate in order to participate.  Your support is an integral part of their kids educational success.

Our Sewing Project promotes Income Generating Activities (IGA) and the economic advancement of women by teaching them this vocational skill. Our goal is to train women in using a sewing machine to promote economic security of the participant, her family and her community. We also promote the transfer of skills within the participants, promote the habit of saving money, and train participants with life-skills. This is truly a special opportunity for these moms and we are very excited that they have chosen to participate.

If you are interested in donating, the cost for the course is $75 dollars and you can follow these instructions:

1.    Follow this link:
2.    Enter $75.00 in the "other" box
3.    Write "Sewing Class" in the "details" box
4.    Click Submit form

Thank you again for all of your support for these families! 

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